Forms & Documents

Emerging technologies that have appeared in our modern era make it possible to take our existing paper-based processes and bring them up to speed with the technology surrounding them. We at AFTIA leverage cutting-edge tools to plan, build and deliver end-to-end solutions using the Adobe Experience Manager platform to modernize and accelerate form and document transformations within an organization.

This can be accomplished by presenting users with dynamic, responsive, and mobile-friendly content while also being able to generate documents of record in print-friendly formats for auditing and archival purposes.



From Section 508 to WCAG, compliance and accessibility standards vary by industry and business models. A variety of configurations are made available to meet these needs and create the types of experiences your business demands.


Manage access and hierarchical permissions out of the box with or using external authentication and authorization systems. Using Document Security, encrypt, monitor, and manage document rights and access based on user credentials.

User Experience

Users can be presented with forms and documents that are dynamic, responsive and mobile-friendly, creating customized experiences for all users regardless of their platform or device.


Document Conversions

Form and document solutions are designed to replace out of date and cumbersome processes with refined and modernized solutions. Leveraging features like omnichannel solutions, document and content fragments, internationalization, variable data, and more, we are able to design and create some of the best solutions available today.

Data Capture

Streamline the data collection process to live to the expectations of your users. Collect and prefill data using data integrations and allow your users to navigate the data collection process through intuitive, guided experiences complete with the features they have come to expect like data validation, contextual help, and dynamic interaction.

Monitoring and Reporting

Using Adobe Experience Manager and Adobe Analytics, instantly create reports and summaries of submissions and interactions and track to most relevant KPIs to help optimize your business.