Workflows & Automation

The largest source of efficiency loss is the need for manual intervention within a business process. By utilizing digital workflows and automation, many of these interactions can be eliminated, and those that remain can be streamlined. Workflow automation reduces the time and cost of completing processes, providing immediate return on investment through efficiency alone. Using the powerful and industry-leading workflow tools made available in the Adobe Experience Manager platform, AFTIA can take slow and inefficient processes and accelerate them to be ready for now and the future.


Simplified Form Data Management - Easily create data integrations and models to push and pull information, manage data binding, aggregate and persist data from within forms, documents, and workflows without managing data services or sources.

Dynamic Task Assignment - Whether it’s review and approval, or a need for more information, tasks can be assigned on the fly while selecting appropriate users based on configured rules. Group assignments and queue creation are made easy using the extensive features offered by human-centric workflows.

Eliminate Manual Processes - Form and document management can be streamlined, eliminating the need for manual form validation, internal data completion, and document storage and delivery. Task delegation and reassignments also allow the reduction of physical document transitions which is responsible for much of the loss of efficiency.