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Introduction to AEM Forms JEE Workbench

This two‐day course will introduce users how to best maximize the use of AEM Workbench in their environment. Participants will learn how to build, test and deploy applications to the AEM JEE server using a vast collection of AEM services.

Designers, Developers, Business Users
None. An understanding of AEM Form Designer, XML, is beneficial.
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Sep 23, 2020 9:00 AM

Course Topics

Introduction to AEM Forms

  • AEM Forms capabilities and features
  • AEM Forms Architecture
  • Demonstration

Getting Started with AEM Workbench

  • Key Features of Workbench
  • Creating a New Application
  • Managing Applications

Working with Variables and XPath in a Process

  • Creating both Basic and Complex Variables
  • Mastering MAP and List Vars using XPAth
  • Conditional Routing in a Process

Using AEM Document Services

  • Forms and Output Service
  • The Assembler Service
  • Database Integrations using JDBC
  • Email Service

Deploying Applications

  • Process Activation
  • Configuring Start-Points
  • Understanding Security Best Practices

Testing and Debugging a Process

  • Using Record and Playback
  • Understanding Log Files and Trouble-shooting tips

Building Human Centric Workflows

  • Using Assign Task
  • Configuring and Using Workspace
  • Testing Workflows

Workflow Administration

  • Service Configuration
  • Administrative Tasks

And a whole lot of Best Practices based on 15+ years of AEM and LiveCycle Experience.

Learn to Optimize
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