Adobe Document Cloud HR Solution by Aftia


This video demonstrates invoking an automated workflow of an employee agreement for Adobe Sign from

The sequence begins in with the record of an interviewee. The workflow is initiated by selecting the 'Send Employment Agreement' option from within the Morf Actions button.

Data from the record in is passed to Microsoft Power Automate where it is injected into a document template that is stored in Sharepoint via the Adobe Document Generation API, after which it is sent to Adobe Sign to complete the signature.

Though this solution uses many tools, all of the complexity is obscured from the end-user.

Products and services used in this solution:


2. Morf Actions

3. Microsoft Power Automate

4. Microsoft Sharepoint

5. Adobe Document Generation API

6. Adobe Sign


Connect HR systems to Adobe Sign with an integrated solution featuring Aftia's Morf, Adobe Document Generation, and Microsoft Power Automate.