In 2015, Richard McIlroy and Rodney Waugh founded AFTIA Solutions after seeing a gap in solutions available for organizations exploring form and document integrations. Their combined experience from within Adobe and JetForm has instilled an ability to ensure that AFTIA’s technology and approach is bleeding edge.

Our Solution
We hire the most certified and driven experts in the industry. Our team has an in depth knowledge and expertise of forms process solutions, end-to-end capabilities, sign, and print. We are more trend aware and capable of adapting solutions to specific client needs.

How We Build Experiences

AFTIA covers all of the bases involved in a thorough end to end solution for organizations of any size and with any goal. Our service engagements are designed to ensure our customers receive the return on investment promised them by their technology investments.

The Promise

AFTIA’s promise is to provide all organizations with an accurate and applicable solution to their current processes and digital network. It is not only beneficial for your organization to understand what solutions are appropriate and applicable, but it is equally important for all parties that we offer a solution that has unmistakable potential to be successful.