AEM Forms Implementations

Our team has a proven track record of implementing AEM Forms both as a Cloud Service or on-premises.  

Projects of all sizes

Whether it is a simple data capture webform or a complex multi-tier regulatory approval process, AFTIA’s team of experts has done it successfully.  With the experience of many diverse project rollouts behind us we are the the key to your next successful implementation.

Third Party Integrations

Successful implementations always involve some level of integration with third party tools and we have worked with them all.  Whether it is SAP, PEGA, Oracle Financials, or even custom legacy applications, AFTIA has integrated with and extended them to provide a new lease on life to your existing tools.

Agile Approach

AFTIA employs a lean agile methodology to get you up and running quickly so that you can begin benefiting from your technology investment right away. AFTIA's delivery process comes from applying and adapting agile processes to varying engagements. This approach seeks alternatives to traditional project management, helping our team respond to unpredictability through incremental, iterative work and continuous feedback.

Adaptability alone is not enough. Our process also focuses on defining minimum viable products (MVP) in order to provide lean solutions that avoid wasted time and effort to offer maximum value to our customers. Our test-driven and service-focused implementation style also allows for rapid application development (RAD) to take place within our delivery cycles which continuously improves velocity.

Implement AEM Forms:

As a Cloud Service

AEM Forms as Cloud Service is a cloud-native solution to create, manage, publish, and update your digital forms and communications. Manage your AEM Forms Instance without lengthy update cycles on-site infrastructure.

as a managed service

Ensure scalability, reliability, and seamless integration with your existing systems, reducing the burden on your IT team.

on premises

Invest in a solution that aligns with your organization's unique infrastructure and regulatory demands, providing a solid foundation for efficient, secure, and tailored document and form management.