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Build digital workflows to process submitted form applications easily with a drag and drop user interface.

Processing the data

Many departments and services still rely on manual or paper-based form filling, routing, signing, and approval processes. AFTIA can enable end-to-end paperless processing with automated workflows and electronic signatures.

Automating workflows offers better productivity at a lower cost. Once a customer submits a form, a workflow is initiated that dynamically responds to the form data, routing the form for the proper levels of approval or signatures, and generating correspondence or records for archival.

Process unites the experience

As the quality of digital experiences increases, so does adoption of more efficient digital channels over costly alternatives such as in-person, mail, or call center-based communication.

cost of transaction: $17 in-person vs $.40 digital

With digital being over 40 times more cost-efficient than in-person processing, it’s no surprise that organizations across regulated industries are prioritizing digital self-service as part of their transformation initiatives.
Deloitte Access Economics, “Digital Government Transformation,” commissioned by Adobe, 2015

Paper elimination

Digitizing transactions and communications also eliminates paper-based costs. Printing, distribution and storage of paper disappears, while low value manual tasks like data re-keying and document routing can also be streamlined.

paper elimination
integrated back-end

Integrating with back end systems

Speed up integration with your back-end and third-party applications with a data framework tool, create system-agnostic data models for forms and communications, or leverage out-of the-box connectors to web services, RDBMS, and popular CRM systems.

eSignature Integrations

eSignatures complete end-to-end digital processes and allow organizations to go completely paperless. For many organizations this represents the last mile, and there are now legally viable options that work across any device or browser.

esignature integration
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