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The enrollment or application process is a fundamental piece of customer experience, so it is vital that it not be overlooked.

More than a form

An Experience

Enrollment is often an afterthought when it comes to revamping your digital strategy. The question is why stop the optimization process at the activity in which you are actually converting customers?

In the era of the self-service digital customer, it’s not enough to make services available across an ever-expanding range of devices and access points. Today, clients who are looking to drive customers to their digital channels, need to deliver true multi-channel experiences – that are personalized, easy to use, and above all connected.


70% of financial services marketers believe mobile will be an equal or higher source of new accounts in the next 3 years.

Accelerating Digital Enrollment

New digital customers may begin their enrollment journey on one device, switch to another, and then complete their application. Giving them the ability to do so, simply and conveniently, is the first step on the road to a lifetime of digital engagement.

By extending and accelerating digital enrollment options, in-person and paper-based processes are eliminated, direct engagement channels are opened, and onboarding becomes a straightforward and cost-effective process.

cross-channel experiences

Deliver seamless, cross-channel experiences


Enable paperless and compliant interactions

time-to-market flexibility

Accelerate time-to-market
and flexibility


Optimize and
measure experiences

Create Once, Use Everywhere

Creating enrollment forms and documents for small screens can be a challenge. Paper or desktop-like experiences do not translate well to mobile devices, causing customers to abandon the digital experience and move to more cost-intensive channels like phone calls or in-person visits.

AFTIA builds solutions that will allow your team to focus on providing cross-channel customer experiences with responsive forms and documents. You can personalize and reuse content from other digital channels and embed these experiences into existing apps and web sites.

responsive forms
adaptive forms

Keeping customers in cost-effective digital channels means being everywhere your customer is. AFTIA offers any form, on any device, anywhere.

AFTIA provides mobile-first forms that will render interactive form and document elements to adapt to any screen size and user response. Your customers can start a form on one device, save it, and move to another, as well work offline and sync when they are connected.

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