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Transforming Business

Kicking Off the Engagement

Business analysis engagements begin with an on-site visit from a Senior Technical Analyst who is tasked with gathering information and requirements. The analyst meets with key stakeholders and subject matter experts, acting as a communication broker between different business units and IT.

Once the analyst has developed an understanding of the business needs, they can begin translating them into technical requirements. A team of experts then analyzes the collected data and requirements and produces a report on recommendations for software solutions, to improve business processes.

Gathering Requirements

Through interacting with stakeholders and subject matter experts the team of Business Analysts gathers keen insights into the pain points impacting an organization. An assessment of current systems provides an understanding of the technical requirements to move a project forward. A team of experts then analyzes the collected data and builds out requirements based on user input, expectations, interfacing with the current technical environment and technical specifications.

Identifying Business Issues

A skilled team of Business Analysts has the knowledge and experience to quickly identify and document critical business issues. There is a diverse array of business pain points for many organizations that range from problems with process management, back end efficiency, scalability, and training.

The Business Analyst is tasked with identifying these pain points across the organization so that they can be translated into requirements.

Return on Investment

The essence of value in a business context centers around Return on Investment (ROI). ROI is the weight of the business value or benefits, typically captured as increases in revenue or decreases in cost, over the cost of implementing the change.

When it comes to cost, many organizations focus on technology costs and forgo the other business-related costs, such as stakeholder involvement, in determining ROI. In a more mature organization they may look at the total cost of ownership which takes into account the cost of owning the solution throughout its entire product lifecyle.

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