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Capture, Process, Sign.

Streamline and automate complex customer-facing and internal processes while delivering an engaging experience.

Data Capture: Beginning the Process

Adobe Experience Manager Forms (AEM Forms) acts as an enterprise form and document layer that connects with your back end systems to push and pull data and present users with the proper form or document adapted to their device. AEM Forms integrates with Acrobat Sign to provide end-to-end paperless processing.

The business value this solution provides:

Reduces cost in form and document generation;

Reduces forms processing cycle times;

Enhances experiences with seamless data capture, processing, and electronic signatures;

Mobile optimized forms that can scale to any device.

Process & Workflows: Automation & Processing

AEM has powerful workflow tools that will streamline your customer-facing and internal processes with a single interface for building, deploying, and managing your forms and workflows. AFTIA has integrated Acrobat Sign into AEM to allow signing ceremonies to be placed anywhere within a workflow.

Sign: Acrobat Sign

eSignatures complete end-to-end digital processes and allow organizations to go completely paperless. Acrobat Sign is the easiest way to automate document workflows — on the web, on the phone, or inside a favorite application.

What is Adobe Amplify?

The Adobe Amplify Partner Solution Program provides technical and market verification of industry-specific offerings built on Adobe products by an Adobe Solution Partner. Advantages of the Adobe Amplify Partner Solution Program include less risk, shorter implementation times, and faster time to value.

Meeting a business challenge

Both Adobe Accredited and Verified Partner Solutions are innovative offerings that solve a repeatable, industry-focused business challenge using the versatility of Adobe’s powerful Experience Cloud technology combined with the domain expertise of an Adobe Solution Partner.


"As our industries evolve it is the partners who work with customers everyday to solve problems. Often times it is the combination of two or three key software products that are combined to solve a real and emerging issue. AFTIA's Capture, Process, Sign solution brings it all together."
Adobe Amplify Team

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