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AFTIA delivers world-class solutions and works closely with clients to ensure scalable success through ongoing support.

Many types of Support

What’s the best fit for your organization?

Support is a core component of all AFTIA offerings. With many years of experience and implementation, we bring a range of flexible options to cover your every need. Trust that our team of experts will be available through your solution’s entire life cycle.

Support Options

11/5 Support for core business periods

24/7 - for mission critical applications

Designated points of Contact

Customizable service levels

Onshore Support Delivery

Subject Matter Expertise

Application Support

After developing and launching world-class solutions, you will want to ensure the proper functioning and maintainability of these solutions. With Application Support, our team will be available to identify, prioritize, and troubleshoot any application related issues you may encounter, as well as guide you through the application enhancement process, to ensure you are always positioned to capitalize on your investment.

Operationalization Support

From the moment a solution is planned and designed, attention and effort has to be given to the release and operationalization process. From continuous integration processes to heavily regulated industries, our experts are there to lead and assist you through the pre and post-operational stages of your solution.

Team Augmentation

Need to ensure subject matter expertise is part of your team at all times? With team augmentation, there is no need to worry about hiring internal resources to support new and existing solutions. Through a process of insulating your existing resources, our team members will be part of your very own team and bring to the table an immense amount of knowledge and skill allowing you to navigate every endeavor with confidence.

Looking for more?

If you are looking for more, a Center of Excellence (COE) might be right for you. From analysis to use case expansion, team augmentation, and operationalization, a COE has your back. Take a look at our Center of Excellence to learn more.

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