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Center of Excellence

From small scale to enterprise projects, build a team that is set up to succeed.

What is a COE?

A center of excellence (COE) provides leadership, best practices, support, training, and collaboration to drive business or customer valued results. It is a model for guiding and managing programs across an organization to build and manage proper governance around these key functions.

AFTIA helps organizations gather data, design, create, manage, and optimize a center of excellence around data capture, workflow automation, and eSign processes.

Any activity defined within a COE is aimed to reduce the friction that often exists with the introduction of technologies or broadening the use cases of existing investments. 

3 Key Functions

AFTIA is helping organizations build centers of excellence around 3 key business functions. AFTIA’s unique approach to this set of crucial business functions allows us to quickly define and manage return on investment while improving customer experience.

The combination of these 3 key areas within the enterprise requires a renewed and detailed focus to ensure proper communication between groups and a scalable model for growth. 

01. Forms (data capture) & documents
02. Workflow automation
03. eSignature

Why a COE

When governance, structure, guidance, metrics, and shared learning are established, your digital transformation will have a much more consistent and standardized approach. According to Forester research almost 4 times more likely. 

A COE will:


Maximize project team success


Reduce project risk


Manage checkpoints for best practice


Recognize ROI quickly


Maximize efficiency through reuse


Reference development best practices for ease of maintenance


Harmonize business and IT

AFTIA is here to help

One of the key advantages to a COE is that it can initially be built on a small scale, with minimal incremental expenditure. As its value is recognized, it can evolve and scale up its resources, services, and capabilities.

AFTIA helps organizations define roles, designate governing rules, manage communication practices, and track results. In many cases AFTIA provides the technical resource team to support your COE.

When you are working with the AFTIA team you have no barriers to success, no blockers to slow you down. All of the tools are here and ready to go. 

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