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Improve client retention and satisfaction with personalized, interactive, and engaging documents and correspondence.

Multi-Channel Communications

Communications of any kind

Generating customer communications that are consistent and personalized across channels is a key component in keeping customers engaged with your services. A customer communication solution allows organizations to provide automated correspondence that is consistent, compliant, and personalized.


If it isn't personalized, we are generally missing the mark. AFTIA helps organizations connect back-end data sources to automatically personalize communications at scale. We can eliminate all breaks in the communication line and ensure that every touch-point is personalized.

Generate engaging communications in responsive documents, including many styles of dynamic drill-down charts and personalized marketing offers, to drive effective up-sell and cross-sell.

Preview responsive documents for different devices before publishing. Ensure that your design works for every user no matter where they are and what device they are on.

Create multi-channel documents for all customer communications on web, mobile, PDF, and print.

Closing the Loop

eSignature as the final step

Delight users with fast response times and speedy signing ceremonies. Users can sign without printing or faxing documents, installing software, creating new logins, or scanning anything. The entire process can take just minutes.

esignature final step
user-friendly interface

Print is just another channel

Create and approve communications letters quickly with a business user–friendly agent interface that allows agents to author letters using templates, pre-approved content blocks, business rules, and more — for web, print, and PDF channels.

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