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How to Convert a PDF to a Word Template

Learn how to convert your PDFs into Microsoft Word templates.

How to create an AEM adaptive form

Learn how to create an Adaptive Form with AEM Forms.

How to Publish a Web Form in Acrobat Sign

Let's learn how to publish a web form using Adobe Acrobat Sign’s user interface and how a web form workflow differs from the other Acrobat Sign workflows available.

How to Turn a Paper Form to a Webform in Under 5 Minutes

Go from paper to fully functioning webform in just five minutes with Adobe & Morf!

Understanding PDF Forms

Aftia helps customers of all sizes with their data capture, processing and signing needs. Learn from Aftia about the types of PDF forms, their use, challenges and limitations and where the future of data capture is going.

How to Extract Data from a PDF

It’s a common misconception that PDFs are the graveyard for data. Learn how to extract valuable data from your PDFs.

What Is Process Experience Management?

How to build and scale digital services that add resiliency to operations and reduce time to revenue.

Acrobat Sign & Document Services APIs for Financial Services

With Acrobat Sign & Adobe's Document Services APIs financial institutions can go paperless by digitizing old, paper-based processes to save a lot of time and money.

Archive Web Forms using Microsoft Power Automate

Automation is a great way to save time and improve productivity. The repetitive steps to manually download and manage signed agreements can be alleviated with the use of Microsoft Power Automate.

AFTIA Solutions Partners with Notarize

AFTIA Solutions is now an official partner of Notarize.

Adobe Acrobat Sign for Healthcare

If your practice is ready to dedicate more time to patient care, relieve the burden of paperwork, and enable remote collaboration, there has never been a better time to consider Adobe Acrobat Sign

Building a Custom Web Form from API

If you have 10 minutes, an eye for detail, and the skills to Ctrl C/V, then you are ready to build this custom web form using Adobe’s Acrobat Sign APIs. I’ll show you how you can start a custom form with a template and a few simple text edits.

Acrobat Sign for Higher Education

With AFTIA’s eSign Solutions higher education institutions can go paperless by digitizing old, paper-based processes to save a lot of time and money.

Acrobat Sign and Notarize

It's never been easier to notarize your most important documents than with the new Acrobat Sign and Notarize Integration

Introducing Getting Started With Adobe Sign

Learn about the first and only on-demand Acrobat Sign course. Available Now!

Needle in a Haystack: Creating Solutions with Adobe’s PDF Extract API

Aftia helps a Fortune 500 customer save thousands of hours of effort by locating common content across their massive collection of forms.

Nintex Processfest 2021… What to Expect

Register for Nintex Processfest! We’ve got you covered for all the details on this year's event.

Still putting pen to paper? It’s time to switch to eSignature.

An eSignature tool will empower your sales teams to receive signatures instantly, thus sealing the deal within only a few minutes. Electronic signatures are now replacing traditional pen and paper-based signatures. So, if you are still following these outdated processes of paper and ink signatures for crucial documents, then it’s time for an update on the newest technology.

Adobe Doc Cloud & Microsoft Teams

Streamline PDF review and send for electronic signature all within Microsoft Teams!

Nintex Sign: Every Cloud has a Silver Lining

Nintex Sign provides the perfect combination of cloud computing, electronic signatures and no-code application development to accelerate your digital transformation.

Adobe Sign - The Client's Perspective

AFTIA COO, Rodney Waugh details an experience with paper based processes and how it lead to organizational change with the power of Adobe Sign.

What is a CPS COE?

At AFTIA we talk a lot about our Capture, Process, Sign (CPS) Center of excellence (COE). This post is designed to be a simple explanation of what it is and why it is important.

Remote Online Notarization Vs. Remote Ink-Signed Notarization (RON vs. RIN)

Remote Online Notarization, the convenient and secure solution for the present and future.

Starting an Adobe Sign Workflow from API

With version 6 of the Adobe Sign API, the technique for starting a Sign Workflow from the API is not obvious. Here we offer some skeleton JSON for this purpose, and explain where to get the details for the API request.

Contact-Less Digital Waivers

Adobe Sign and Nintex can be combined to make a contact-less waiver fit for any industry. These contact-less solutions are becoming increasingly important during the COVID-19 pandemic. Guillaume Clement walks us through a digital NBA game attendance waiver.

Adobe Document Services

Aftia reviews the new and improved Adobe Document Services and what it means for your digital transformation toolbox.

AFTIA: An Adobe AEM Forms Specialized Partner

Based on recent accomplishments and the certification of our team, AFTIA is now the first and only AEM Forms Specialized Partner in North America! Ask us how our certified experts can help!

Reimagining Processes Through Digital Transformation

Processes are all around us, everywhere we go we follow a set of guidelines when interacting with people or machines. But what makes a successful process? How do we know if it is time to redefine a process? In this blog we look at metrics and organizations that have redefined processes and what metrics they have used.

OAuth for the Adobe Sign API

An Adobe Sign API application requires authentication with each API call. This is best quickly done with the OAuth protocol. But implementing OAuth in your application can be a daunting task if you are not familiar with it. Here we define manual steps to be performed by you, the developer, and automatic steps to be performed by your Adobe Sign API application, as a series of concise steps that just work.

Document Cloud SDK: Unlocking PDF

In this article, Aftia reviews Adobe’s Document Cloud SDK. The View SDK makes the PDF viewing experience consistent across browsers and applications, and provides reader behavior insights through analytics. The Services SDK makes it simple to create, combine, export and OCR PDFs through a cloud service. Together these SDKs finally unlock PDF.

E-Signature - From monorail to the next big thing

In the second installment in his blog series, Richard McIlroy likens the rise of E-Signature to that of the Monorail.

E-Signature adoption is on the rise. Is this really a surprise? 

E-Signature adoption is on the rise due to demographics, but the pandemic is pushing it over the top.

Introducing AFTIA Assignr

By using Adobe Sign and Adobe Experience Manager Forms together to integrate eSignature and workflow processes, we have created AFTIA Assignr. Our solution accelerator allows workflow processes to dynamically generate signing parties that can then approve and sign documents using Adobe Sign.

Nintex ProcessFest 2020

Register for Nintex ProcessFest 2020 today!

Welcome to the NEW AFTIA Website!

Our new website has rolled out and we are excited to share all the new features from highlights on use cases and services offerings to an overhaul on our training content.

LiveCycle to AEM

Core support for Adobe LiveCycle ES4 has ended in March of 2018 and many organizations are looking to migrate and upgrade, but it has become apparent that many are confused. This is why it is important to understand what exactly LiveCycle was, and what offerings are now available in its place.
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