Acrobat Sign & Document Services APIs for Financial Services

With Acrobat Sign & Adobe's Document Services APIs financial institutions can go paperless by digitizing old, paper-based processes to save a lot of time and money.


Mobile has become the first, and most often the only device that people will use to interact with your brand. That makes a bank’s approach to mobile a good gauge of their capability as an experience business, one focused squarely on customers and how to delight them. With phones in their pockets, consumers should be able to research, compare, apply for, transact, and engage with all your products and services in a simple, seamless, and occasionally surprising way. 

Leaders in retail banking are no longer going mobile — they’re already there. To satisfy customers, keep up with competitors, raise revenues, and ensure an always-on connection, you need to mobilize, too. 

E-signatures expand the ecosystem for personalized onboarding experiences

Onboarding customers in person is more costly than digital. No one wants the process to be too complicated either. Users will abandon a form entirely if complications arise. Complex, manual, paper-based processes lead to interrupted experiences and high abandonment rates. With Adobe Acrobat Sign and the DCe (Document Cloud for enterprise) APIs, customers can digitize, streamline and personalize the onboarding experience with e-signing workflows.

As a specialized Adobe Partner, we are working with clients to integrate the Adobe Document Generation API with Acrobat Sign. What this means is that when you onboard a new customer, you will have an enterprise-grade API to automatically generate dynamic documents — think contracts, agreements, NDAs — using branded, Microsoft Word templates and your own data. Then you can embed e-signatures and ID verification into those documents and automate them for signing and approvals.

Rather than needing to mail a document, travel to an office, or hunt down a scanner, signers just open an email and securely sign with a few clicks. Using e-signatures as part of a fully digital workflow, NatWest has completed around two million contracts, reducing the average cycle time from two weeks to less than 24 hours—a time savings of over 90%.***

Most banks let customers pay bills, deposit checks, and transfer funds via mobile, which lowers costs, cuts expenses, and contributes to the bottom-line growth for the bank. But for experiences that inspire customers, look to the companies that were born mobile. They’ve moved beyond enabling transactions to removing friction from basic processes that make it easier for consumers to view, move, and manage their money. That increases account signups, deposits, cross-sales, and product penetration which all drive revenue, contributing to top line growth.

To be at the forefront of the mobile experience, banks need to get ahead of the customer — to comprehend their goal at every moment, immediately offer them the right product or service, and make it possible for them to add it instantly on the go.

More secure than ink signatures

The financial sector will always have to comply with national and international regulations and standards. eSignatures help to meet compliance requirements with security features such as encryption, two-factor authentication, and an audit trail, which allows organizations to verify each signature.

‘Between the audit trails and tamper-proof documents, the entire process provides a consistently secure environment, which adds to the confidence of our electronic signatures with even less risk than ink signatures,’ says Gaurav Arora, product owner at NatWest Group’s Electronic Signatures Center of Excellence.

E-signatures enable connected experiences

Employee and customer experiences are top priorities for businesses today. Documents and signatures should not hinder your work. The new advances in Adobe Acrobat Sign and the DCe APIs can help you accelerate and modernize your work with employees and customers alike.

***Creating Collaboration And Efficiency: How Workflows Are Transforming Banking And Insurance

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