Acrobat Sign and Notarize

It's never been easier to notarize your most important documents than with the new Acrobat Sign and Notarize Integration


This is BIG, Notoriously

The time has come, Acrobat Sign users can now complete the ‘last mile’ of many document processes by leveraging the integration with Notarize for Remote Online Notarization (RON). This official integration expands the strategic partnership between Notarize and Acrobat Sign and will facilitate access to RON to many of the Fortune 100 companies across the Acrobat & Acrobat Sign platform.

Notarizations Have Traditionally Forced Digital Processes Offline – Until Now

A commissioned notary public is necessary for identity verification and to oversee the signing ceremony on specific documents. The traditional paper-based method of notarizing a document takes a long time - generally several hours or even days. This time involves searching for a local notary, scheduling an appointment, driving to the notary, meeting the notary in person, confirming identity, ensuring the individual is signing freely, and completing the notarization. This time is compounded for notaries who must manage clients while also adhering to both state-established legal standards and any criteria imposed by the agency or company obtaining the certified document. 

Luckily, this deep integration streamlines the process from start to finish, making it simple to start a notary signing, collect all required e-signatures, and obtain the notarized documents as a digital original - typically within minutes.

“Five years after pioneering the Remote Online Notarization category, we’re at the magical moment where the market, the Notarize platform, the regulatory environment, and consumer demand have all converged to a place where industries and enterprises are clamoring for RON,” said Pat Kinsel, Notarize founder and CEO.  “Together with Adobe, we’re meeting millions of enterprises at this moment with an integrated platform that couples ease-of-use with security, all in one place. Once customers try it, they’ll never go back.” 

“Notarize shares our vision to replace paper-based and manual processes with simple, easy-to-implement experiences, such as the ‘last mile’ of digitally signing documents,” said Ashley Still, SVP/GM of Digital Media, Adobe. “By bringing the power of Acrobat Sign together with the Notarize platform, our joint customers will be able to meet a critical imperative of remote work: getting documents e-signed and notarized quickly, easily, and securely.”

Businesses of all sizes benefit from the Adobe and Notarize Partnership

Specific benefits include:

  • Reduced Timelines and Increase Satisfaction - Offline notarizations waste time and money. Keeping notarizations online in Acrobat Sign decreases transaction times from days to minutes, lowers costs, eliminates errors, includes process tracking, and boosts customer satisfaction. 
  • Lower Security and Fraud Risk - Notarize’s RON technology is the safest and most secure way to notarize a document, leveraging enterprise-grade security, credential analysis, and a temper-proof audit trail to prevent fraud.
  • Available now for Acrobat Sign Customers - a 100% automated solution with little-to-no development work required.

How it works

Customers can initiate remote online notarizations using Acrobat Sign’s ‘requires notarization’ option. Multi-factor authentication is used to verify the identities of the participants. In an online notary session, the signers communicate with a commissioned notary via two-way audio/video call. The interactive digital document is signed by both parties during this live session, which mimics the in-person notarial act, and the notarized document is finalized with an electronic seal and digital certificate. Users can access notarized documents within Acrobat Sign just as they can their other e-signed documents.

Use in-house or on-demand notaries

Notarize is the first on-demand remote notary service, allowing people to Notarize a document electronically 24 hours per day, seven days per week, 365 days a year. Instead of the stress and hassle of finding a local notary, clients have a more convenient and fully digital way to notarize a document.

There has never been a better time to try RON for the first time. It has never been easier or safer to use it for your important moments.

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