AFTIA: An Adobe AEM Forms Specialized Partner

Based on recent accomplishments and the certification of our team, AFTIA is now the first and only AEM Forms Specialized Partner in North America! Ask us how our certified experts can help!


Great news! Our AEM Forms Specialization is Complete.

There are good emails and there are great emails. Seeing an email with the following subject line land in our inboxes was a great email to get. 

“Great news! Forms specialization complete, 1st NA partner specialized”

There has been a ton of effort put into getting to this point and it feels great to see it all come to fruition. We are very proud of the entire AFTIA team for making this possible!

We have come a long way in a short period of time. Since our inception in 2015, AFTIA has grown to be Subject Matter Experts in the Capture, Process, and Sign, niche. This has been shown by our ability to become the first and only AEM Forms Specialized Partner in North America.

What it takes to be an Adobe Specialized Partner

The bar is set high for partners wanting to earn a specialization in any market or solution. In order to become specialized, Adobe assumes and expects proof of proficiency in the following areas: 

Technical expertise - Adobe measures technical expertise by the number of Adobe Certified Expert (ACE) credentials earned by individuals within a partner organization. To become Specialized, they must reach a predetermined number of certified employees.

Implementation proficiency - Specialized partners must be able to implement solutions for which they are Specialized, while also meeting or exceeding customer expectations during implementation.

Customer success - Each year, Specialized partners submit three customer references for projects completed that year and participate in customer satisfaction surveys. Too many unsatisfactory customer satisfaction scores may result in Adobe-required training sessions or loss of Specialization status.

AFTIA boasts the most certified AEM Forms Developers with over 25+ years of experience. We are an agile, versatile, and partner-friendly organization that has been working with forms and data capture since its inception!

Motivated & Growth Oriented

With core values such as Motivated and Growth Oriented, every team member is focused on growing with our partners and customers which is why we are proud to see the results of our passion and hard work. 

For all of our very smart technical resources, it's not as simple as applying for a role and succeeding. Our team of experts have had to learn the technology and pass multiple exams to become certified. With enough certified team members we then needed to apply those skills to customer projects and ensure that we deliver an outstanding quality of work while making our customers successful in order for them to be willing to provide a reference to Adobe on our behalf.

I have now written a few blogs about various topics but one of the words that keeps surfacing in my vocabulary is, proud. I am proud of our team and all of their hard work, proud of AFTIA and how far we have come in a short time, and proud of reaching the goals we are setting for ourselves. I am excited about where we are going.

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Adam Lariviere
Chief Sales Officer
Director of Sales & Marketing with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and professional services industry.

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