Still putting pen to paper? It’s time to switch to eSignature.

An eSignature tool will empower your sales teams to receive signatures instantly, thus sealing the deal within only a few minutes. Electronic signatures are now replacing traditional pen and paper-based signatures. So, if you are still following these outdated processes of paper and ink signatures for crucial documents, then it’s time for an update on the newest technology.


In a world where so much is now digital, are you still relying on ‘wet ink’ signatures?

Receiving signatures on contracts can be daunting for any salesperson. Even when customers have approved an agreement, there can still be a delay between the time they say ‘yes’ and the moment the contract is signed.

While technology has proven to be an essential factor in eliminating delays and hurdles faced in the workplace, many still turn to paper based signatures.

eSignature rose out of the need to collect consent in a more efficient and digital-friendly way. They have existed in some form for several decades, but it wasn’t until the year 2000 when the eSignature finally gained the same legal standing as traditional wet signatures.

 Just like a traditional pen-and-paper signature, an eSignature is a legally binding demonstration of a customer’s agreement with the contents of a contract, form, or document. But that’s where the similarities end. Traditional signatures require preparing papers, printing them out, and having a person physically sign. In many cases, it involves sending documents by post or fax or requiring in-person visits to a location to carry out.

eSignatures are a crucial tool to help complete essential transactions (even coronavirus testing medical forms) when customers are stuck in their homes. By simplifying, mobilizing, and guiding eSignature completion, businesses can optimally service their customers during these uncertain times.

In today’s increasingly digital world, it is no longer acceptable for businesses to inconvenience customers by requiring them to go out of their way and conduct a simple transaction such as signing a paper. Traditional signatures are no longer sufficient for companies where efficiency is increasingly being prioritized.

Say goodbye to all that troublesome paperwork and kiss your filing cabinet goodbye. eSignatures will smooth the process for signing any documents while keeping everything safe and secure. By providing faster turnarounds on administrative tasks, eSignatures can help you save time for things that truly matter in your business. Authenticating documents while preserving security, boosting efficiency, and reducing costs are some of the major reasons why using e-signatures is crucial for organizations today. Have a question about eSignature? Contact us here.

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Pushkar Malve
Account Executive

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