Adobe Acrobat Sign for Healthcare

If your practice is ready to dedicate more time to patient care, relieve the burden of paperwork, and enable remote collaboration, there has never been a better time to consider Adobe Acrobat Sign


Healthcare facilities are busier than ever so it has never been more important to reduce the time spent on administrative tasks by automating them. One of the most efficient ways to do so is by implementing Adobe Acrobat Sign to facilitate your electronic signatures. By digitizing document workflows, you can send and sign documents on any device which is efficient, convenient, and saves time and money — no need to print, sign, scan, and copy documents to collect patient and doctor signatures.

Adobe Acrobat Sign can also integrate with your existing systems such as your Electronic Health Record (EHR) solution to expedite patient intake by allowing healthcare practitioners to provide form packages with fillable fields, securely deliver them to patients for signing, and store signed documents inside the EHR. 

Some of the Benefits of Adobe Acrobat Sign for Healthcare 

Swapping out paper-based processes with Adobe Acrobat Sign is a simple and effective way to enable doctors and support staff to be more efficient. Below are some examples of the benefits.

Improve patient and staff experiences and reduce risk

More than ever it is important to ensure that patients quickly receive the care they need to ensure the least amount of  possible cross-contamination. Enabling patients to fill and sign forms and documents before or after their visit is an excellent way to ensure they have ample time to carefully read each document and fill in their information properly while also expediting their arrival and departure times thereby reducing the risk of exposure for all patients and staff.

Less time on paperwork means more time for patients

One thing that all physicians, nurses, and other healthcare workers can agree on is that paperwork takes too much of their time. Every minute spent on documentation is a minute that is not spent on patient care. Adobe Acrobat Sign can significantly reduce the amount of time spent filling in data and waiting for other parties to fill and sign too. 

According to The Total Economic Impact of Adobe Sign, a commissioned study conducted by Forrester Consulting on behalf of Adobe in August 2019, Adobe Acrobat Sign users saw a 96 percent reduction in the time it takes to get documents signed and finalized—from seven days to two hours.

Ensure legal regulatory compliance

Adobe Acrobat Sign services are designed to meet or exceed strict industry and regulatory standards, including SOC 2 Type 2, ISO 27001, and PCI DSS, and comply with the ESIGN Act of 2000. Automated routing and tracking of credentialing, certification and other official documents provide a robust audit trail. This trail displays when documents were delivered, signed, and opened, confirming that the strictest compliance standards and legal regulations were followed.

Track workflows and access important records anywhere 

Once a document has been sent for signature, you can always check its status. Admins can be notified by automated alerts when documents have been opened, viewed, and signed. For time-sensitive exchanges with patients, providers, business partners, or employees, workflow management is critical.

Once a signing ceremony has been completed, Adobe Acrobat Sign can store the documents in the cloud for safekeeping where they can be accessed for future reference.

Take comfort with enterprise-level security

Paper documents are at risk of loss or theft, jeopardizing sensitive information. Adobe’s secure cloud platform protects documents and their sensitive data. The files are digitally sealed and maintained in a protected data center, with authentication and encryption protocols in place to ensure their authenticity and integrity.

If your practice is ready to dedicate more time to patient care, relieve the burden of paperwork, and enable remote collaboration, there has never been a better time to consider Adobe Acrobat Sign. Your healthcare team deserves the very best, why not join other prestigious organizations by choosing Adobe to automate your processes and provide a completely paperless experience.

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