Welcome to the NEW AFTIA Website!

Our new website has rolled out and we are excited to share all the new features from highlights on use cases and services offerings to an overhaul on our training content.



AFTIA’s history and legacy lies with the conception and evolution of digital form and document solutions. We figured it was time we created a platform to allow us to share our insights and expertise, as well as encourage feedback and questions.

What’s New

With this new release, you will see that we have honed in on our core focus of enabling organizational efficiency through Capture, Process, Sign. Quickly navigate our new UX to find out how your organization can streamline and automate all processes, from external to internal, and deliver an exceptional user experience. Here are some other highlights:

  • Our Solutions have been bolstered to expand what we see across industries and they are outlined in use cases that highlight different steps of the life cycle of your process journey. 
  • Our Services page has been revamped to include our methodology and to highlight our Agile and Scrum practices. Check out the subpages to learn more about our clients' most requested services offerings.
  • Our World Class Training courses have been overhauled to include the latest product features and updated the class schedule.

Don’t miss a beat!

The AFTIA blog will highlight new product features, trends, course and training news, industry highlight reels, software solutions, tips and tricks, and much, much more. The industry is constantly changing and it can be difficult to stay on top of it all. We have enlisted a host of industry experts to ensure that we don’t miss a beat!

Have something to share?

Leave us a comment, or send us a message; we are excited to feature your content and achievements. We can publish your article, video, white paper, etc. with full credit to you.

Reach out to us if you have any questions, would like to see a demo, or prefer speaking to an expert.
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