What is a CPS COE?

At AFTIA we talk a lot about our Capture, Process, Sign (CPS) Center of excellence (COE). This post is designed to be a simple explanation of what it is and why it is important.


Capture Process Sign - Center of Excellence


At AFTIA we talk a lot about our Capture, Process, Sign (CPS) Center of excellence (COE).  This post is designed to be a simple explanation of what it is and why it is important.  Stay tuned for more detailed descriptions on the variances and approaches and what you should consider when embarking on this important endeavor.

What is CPS? 

CPS stands for Capture Process Sign.  Capture is the capturing of data in an application most typically referred to as a form.  The data is generally validated upon entry and ready for the next step which is the Process - some kind of action or actions based on the data submission and the type of data received.  The final step is the e-Signature.  These 3 functions have become extremely important to organizations of all sizes.  With e-Signature adoption on the rise we want to make sure that it has power behind it.  Capture Process Sign is really incorporating these key functions into a program that can be managed for continuous growth and improvement.

What is COE? 

A Center of excellence for Capture Process Sign is an Agile plan for managing straight through processing with a distinct set of protocols that allows this important ROI generating function to dovetail into the corporate IT strategy.  By focusing on the development of a clear charter, we can ensure that the important ROI and time to value that comes out of CPS is obvious, easy to manage, easy to report on and growing.  


With the growing adoption of e-Signature we must ensure that we have a detailed charter and plan.  The ROI and Time To Value in a proper center of excellence are too great to be parts or pieces of other technology projects.  We must align them as a clear path toward this value and ensure that the charter and direction does not get compromised as it dovetails into other IT projects.  Without a clear path and charter we are risking a slower time to value, lagging adoption across departments and the inability to drive new use cases.  The center of excellence approach to Capture Process Sign allows for open dialogue on procedures and plans when communicating with other stakeholders.

The growing adoption of e-Signature is only the tip of the iceberg.  Organizations who fail to understand the value of data capture and workflow associated with e-Signature as a solution set will continue to miss the mark on properly scaling this ROI generation machine.  Too often we see organizations dabbling with e-Signature, but this initiative is too important to take lightly.  Adoption and use cases are growing at an exponential rate so you need to have a plan.


COE development can be accelerated greatly with the right subject matter expertise.  COE’s come in all sizes and no organization is too small.   

AFTIA helps organizations design and develop a CPS COE charter that delivers immediate and ongoing results.

You need to do this - Do it right.

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Risks of NOT running a CPS COE

  1. Not understanding the true value of your IT spend.  What are the dollars spent on E-signature getting you?
  2. The ROI through E-signature can get absorbed or marginalized by other IT projects. A proper COE defines how CPS should dovetail into other projects with accurate protocols that will not allow for degradation of standards and goals.
  3. No proper analysis of ROI.  A CPS COE provides accurate and up to date reporting 
  4. Lagging use case development. Being able to roll out new and interesting use cases on ROI. CPS COE’s pay for themselves and crucial.  Adoption and acceptance is growing in our changing market.  A few key use cases are not enough.
  5. COE’s are designed for growth - you get no better ROI in IT than e-signature adoption.  A CPS COE makes sure you are focusing on the biggest pay off.

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