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Sign 101: Reinventing Modern Business Practices

AFTIA Webinar
April 29, 2021 1:00 PM
Eastern Standard Time
Delivered by
Adam Lariviere, Peter LaBelle, Marty Goetzinger

Sign Anywhere, Anytime

eSignature adoption has accelerated rapidly in recent years. Many organizations have come to realize the immense value of incorporating eSignature solutions into their business processes. These companies have seen signing times cut from days to a matter of hours, all while reducing costs and improving customer experience.  

37 minutes vs. 5 days – eSignature and traditional time difference in obtaining signed documents.
55% – 78.62% – total savings of businesses migrating to eSignature apps from paper.

-(LunarPen, 2020)

It’s time for businesses of all sizes to adopt Adobe Sign as their eSignature solution of choice. No solution provides greater value, it’s ease of use and ability to integrate with existing systems make it an industry leader and trusted by their customers for over 8 billion transactions last year.  

Learn more about the Adobe Sign Value Incentive Plan (VIP) here


  • Hear the latest industry trends and a Sign overview from Adobe representative, Marty Goetzinger
  • How AFTIA and Adobe work hand in hand to create world class eSignature solutions
  • Industry specific case study
  • A live Adobe Sign Demonstration
  • Sign 101: An introduction to Adobe Sign
  • Mega Sign - Collecting signatures in bulk
  • Integrations with Microsoft products

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