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Adobe Sign + Microsoft Dynamics 365 Integrations

Aftia empowers you to send agreements for signature directly from Microsoft Microsoft Dynamics


Send Agreements to Contacts in Microsoft Dynamics

Send agreements for Signature directly in Microsoft Dynamics. Pick a contact or an account and send them an agreement in just a few clicks.


Integrate Adobe Sign + Microsoft Dynamics

All the flexibility, none of the headaches.

Stop letting your tools decide how you work. Integrate Adobe Sign + Microsoft Dynamics the way you want.

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How to connect Adobe Sign + Microsoft Dynamics

Integrations don't have to be complicated. Collect the data you want with Microsoft Dynamics and we will create the corresponding triggers and actions to send that data to Adobe Sign.

  • Data


    Choose the data you want to collect from Dynamics and send to Adobe Sign.

  • Triggers


    Trigger the sending of agreements directly from Microsoft Dynamics. Attached the completed agreements to contacts or accounts.

  • Actions


    Define the sequence of operations for moving data from Dynamics to Adobe Sign.