Collaborate and Manage Content with Microsoft SharePoint

Securely store, organize, and manage all your documents and content in Microsoft SharePoint.


Document and Content Management

Efficiently store, organize, and manage documents and content within SharePoint, ensuring easy access, version control, and security.

Team Collaboration and Communication

Facilitate seamless collaboration and communication among team members through SharePoint's integrated features, such as document co-authoring, discussion boards, and shared calendars.

Customizable Intranet Portals

Leverage SharePoint's flexible and customizable intranet portal capabilities to create a centralized hub for news, announcements, resources, and team sites, fostering a sense of community and enhancing employee engagement.
Acrobat Sign Dashboard
Microsoft SharePoint


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Information Technology

Microsoft SharePoint Adobe Sign Integration

Save time & simplify agreement process with Adobe Acrobat Sign & Microsoft SharePoint.
Information Technology

Microsoft SharePoint Document Migration

Easily centralize all of your documents to Microsoft SharePoint, allowing for easier access and collaboration between departments, using MiCore and AFTIA's expertise.