The Core of Meaningful Information

A single platform designed to provide end to end digital asset discovery, cataloguing, insight, and automated outcomes.


MiCore: Analyst

A single, unified view across the entirety of your organization’s unstructured and structured content.

MiCore: Governor

Manipulate files and resources from a catalogue file or from a running instance of Analyst.

MiCore: Orchard

Orchard is a GUI application, which when partnered with Analyst allows users to build and deploy a customized taxonomy to enable automatic classification of their content.
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Information Technology

Microsoft SharePoint Document Migration

Easily centralize all of your documents to Microsoft SharePoint, allowing for easier access and collaboration between departments, using MiCore and AFTIA's expertise.
Information Technology

Service Desk Automation

MiCoreGPT makes using your organization’s own content within a private service desk AI model faster and more accurate, all while keeping your content secure.
Information Technology

Migrate Content to Adobe Experience Manager

Effortlessly migrate your organization's content to AEM from almost any other platform using a combination of Oproma's MiCore platform and AFTIA's expertise.