PX Report Card

Grade your forms and documents for key insights into how to accelerate administration and improve student experiences.

What is

Process Experience?

Leading indicators for operational lag, sluggish growth,
and student frustration.

Process Experience is defined as the qualitative and quantitative measurements of your digital business processes. Administrative backlogs, staff shortages,  and poor digital experiences all affect an institution's bottom line.

The Process Experience Matrix shows the 7 components that make up digital processes – data capture, workflow automation, document generation, digital signatures, integrations, self-service portals, and reporting & analytics.

Reporting and analytics are the most critical component of the matrix because they provide the insights that drive business transformation, yet many schools have little or no data on process experience.


Get Started With Data

The PX Report Card is a free tool that grades your
online form and documents.

Metrics like document types, mobile readiness, and submission types are calculated to provide an overall score for your organization.

Your PX Scorecard is a snapshot for your digital processes meant to provide a baseline for reporting. The scorecard comes with a report that gives you the actionable insights required to incrementally improve your score. Our mission is to help you overcome the scale of digital transformation by providing a roadmap for process maturity.

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