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Process Experience Management

The enrollment or application process is a fundamental piece of customer experience, so it is vital that it not be overlooked.

What is

Process Experience

Process Experience is defined as the qualitative and quantitative measurements of your digital business processes. Administrative backlogs, staff shortages, customer retention issues, and poor digital experiences all affect a company’s bottom line.

The Process Experience Matrix shows the 5 components that make up digital processes – data capture, workflow automation, document generation, digital signatures, and reporting & analytics.

Reporting and analytics are the most critical component of the matrix because they provide the insights that drive business transformation, yet many organizations have little or no data on process experience.


Accelerating Digital Maturity

Many organizations have online portals brimming with flat and static forms and documents. The volume of forms and documents within an organization that must be filled, signed, or processed offline is directly correlated with operational, revenue, and customer experience challenges. These types of forms or documents have the longest cycle time and the highest cost of service per transaction.

Process Experience Management is a system for achieving digital maturity through incrementally designing, executing, measuring, and optimizing digital processes. This system offers a low-cost alternative to scaling business processes that adds resiliency to operations by relying on always-available digital services that scale for surges in demand.

From Resistor, To Disruptor

Digital transformation can seem daunting because of the sheer volume of business processes that need to efficiently move online. Adding to the anxiety is the number of tools available to do the job. Comparing the features and functionality of software service providers is fruitless without a system for implementing change.

AFTIA's mission is to help you overcome the scale of digital transformation by providing a roadmap for process maturity. We start by analyzing your forms, documents, and processes to place your organization on the maturity curve. Then we align your roadmap to improving your two north star metrics — digital drop-off rate, and digital friction rate. These two metrics are leading indicators for operational lag, sluggish growth, and customer frustration.

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