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AEM Forms Workflow OSGi Developer

This two-day course will introduce users how to best build customized workflows using OSGi workflow models. Participants will learn the best practices to create and deploy a human centric workflow that can be used through web browsers and the AEM mobile App.  This class covers workflows that can be invoked by Adaptive Form submission and by using Watched Folders.

Designers, Developers, Business Users
None. An understanding of AEM Form Designer, Adaptive Forms, XML and JSON data is beneficial.
Next available course
April 25, 2024 9:00 AM
April 26, 2024 4:00 PM

Course Topics

Introduction to AEM Workflow Models

  • AEM Forms Workflow Capabilities and Features
  • Demonstration

Working with Workflow Data

  • Understanding Payloads
  • Variables and XPath in a Process
  • Using OR Splits in Models

Using Email Notifications with an OSGi Workflow

  • Creating Custom Templates
  • Personalizing Emails
  • Using Send Email Component

Using AEM Document Services

  • Rendering Forms
  • Applying Reader Extensions and Document Security
  • Using the Assembler Service

Implementing Custom ECMA Scripts

  • Creating a Script Library
  • Retrieving and Working with Workflow Data
  • Creating Custom Scripts for Use in Workflows

Testing and Debugging a Workflow

  • Understanding Log Files
  • Creating Custom Logs
  • Break Points
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