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Developing Forms with AEM Forms Designer (Level 1)

In this two‐day course, participants will learn how to create, manage and work with templates built using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms: Designer. You will learn how to start a new form template and using proven best practices you will assemble a fully functioning form that can be used in both PDF and HTML5 formats.

Form Designers, Developers, Business Users, Graphic Designers
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July 24, 2024 9:00 AM
July 25, 2024 4:00 PM

Course Topics


  • Understanding Adobe Reader, Adobe Acrobat Pro and LiveCycle Designer
  • Forms workflow
  • Types of Forms: Static vs dynamic forms, Interactive vs Flat
  • Introduction to XML Data

Creating new forms

  • Multilingual Forms
  • LiveCycle Designer workspace tour: Working with Designers Panels
  • Form setup and properties
  • Adding design (boiler-plate) objects
  • Previewing your form
  • Adding form fields
  • Object naming
  • Saving forms (XDP vs PDF)
  • Form Properties

Styling your form

  • Object appearance
  • Caption vs value
  • Font and paragraph properties
  • Borders and backgrounds
  • Using Field Patterns Effectively

Working with Object Libraries

  • Managing libraries
  • Adding, removing and modifying library objects
  • Sharing libraries and templates

Working with pages

  • Document pages vs Master Pages
  • Adding and removing document pages
  • Setting up a Master Page
  • Creating multiple Master Pages
  • Switching between Master Pages
  • Automatic page numbering

Working with structure

  • Best Practices
  • Working with the Hierarchy panel
  • Working with subforms

Working with tables

  • Creating tables
  • Merging cells
  • Adding static objects and form fields
  • Styling tables, cells and objects
  • Best Practices when using Tables

Converting Forms

  • Importing Word / PDF Forms
  • Best Practices when Converting Forms

Making Forms Accessible

  • Setting Tabbing Order
  • Adding Custom Screen-reader Text

Saving and Submitting Forms

  • Types of Form Submit
  • Submit Button Properties
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