Adobe Sign - Signing Order & Approval


Signing Order & Approval

Within the Adobe Sign dashboard users can customize signing orders and allocate different tasks to recipients. As seen in the video, signers can be ordered to ensure documents travel along the correct path and reach each stakeholder at the right time. Adobe Sign's customization option allows senders to create a workflow that the document pass through as it is sent. Andre Smith showcases this as he dedicates the first recipient as the approver of the document and the second as the signer. This process allows groups to ensure all requirements are met and documents don't need to be resigned as frequently.

Also show is the ability to add group signers within the dashboard. This allows the sender to request a signature from a group of stakeholders with authority to sign off on the document. As soon as one member of this group signs and approves the document the signing process is complete.

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Andre Smith showcases the different tasks that can be assigning to users when sending documents to groups for signature and approval.

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