Bill of Lading - Mail Merge & Sign


Automating the Bill of Lading Process with Mail Merge & Sign

A bill of lading is an essential part of shipping goods, serving as a legally binding agreement that outlines all relevant information about the goods being carried. Automating this processes increases efficiency, reduces errors and helps to keep all parties informed throughout the lifecycle of shipment.

AFTIA's Mail Merge & Sign uses the Adobe Document Generation API to populate the bill of lading using data from an Enterprise System such as Salesforce or SAP. Eliminating any potential errors that could come from manually filling form fields. After creating the bill of lading, Microsoft Power Automate notifies all relevant parties and keeps them informed as the goods advance through the process. Finally, Acrobat Sign provides a legally binding electronic signature to verify the shipment has been received in good order.


AFTIA demonstrates how a Mail Merge & Sign solution can be used to automate a bill of lading process.

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