Getting Started with Adobe Sign - Overview


In this four hour video training course, director of Training Peter Labelle teaches students how to get started with Adobe Sign. This course teaches essential Adobe Sign skills and allows users to make the most out of their Sign deployment.

Listed here is the course outline:

  • Introduction to Adobe Sign
  • What is Adobe Sign?
  • Templates and Workflows
  • Introduction to Adobe Sign Dashboard
  • Preparing and Sending Documents
  • Uploading Documents
  • Adding Sign Fields
  • Adding Signature Blocks
  • Sending and Signing Documents
  • Sending Documents from Microsoft Word
  • Reusable Templates
  • Creating Templates
  • Adding Fields
  • Editing and Managing Templates
  • Introduction to Text Tagging
  • Text Tag Syntax
  • Adding Tags to Source Documents
  • Managing and Tracking Agreements
  • View Agreement Status
  • Cancelling Agreements
  • Reminders
  • Downloading Agreements
  • Reporting
  • Getting Help for Adobe Sign
  • Adobe Sign User Guide
  • Tutorials
  • Resource Hub
  • Creating Workflows
  • Defining Workflow Parameters
  • Activating Workflows
  • Customizations
  • Creating Webforms
  • Defining Workflow Parameters
  • Activating Workflows
  • Customizations
  • Sending Agreements in Bulk
  • Using MegaSign
  • Adobe Sign Administration
  • The Admin Console (Adding Users, Assigning Roles)
  • Account and Group Setup (Branding, Send Settings)

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Peter Labelle details the topics covered in the Getting Started with Adobe Sign course.

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