Incomplete Grade Form - Mail Merge & Sign


Improving Student Experiences with Mail Merge & Sign

It's essential for Higher Education Institutions to have a simple and efficient process allowing their students to complete course work missed for personal reasons. With AFTIA's Mail Merge & Sign solution, incomplete grades can be resolved faster with far less time spent on tedious administrative tasks by professors and administrators.

When an incomplete grade is identified within an enterprise system like Peoplesoft an Instructor can initiate an incomplete grade contract. This generates a document with all relevant course and student information, the instructor can then add notes and attach a file containing the work that must be complete. After signing the document it is then sent to the student for signature using Acrobat Sign. With all parties having signed the document records are then automatically updated and the document is stored in a content management system such as OnBase. Mail Merge & Sign allows higher education institutions to resolve incomplete grades in a more efficient manor than if the process were to be completed manually.


AFTIA demonstrates how Mail Merge & Sign can be used to streamline incomplete grade processes in higher education institutions.

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