AFTIA Integration Series: Adobe Sign & Power Automate


Send, Sign and Store Documents in Seconds with Adobe Sign and Power Automate

Microsoft's Power Automate is a tool that allows users to automate everyday processes, saving them time and reducing human error in these processes. Power Automate connects to a wide variety of other applications making it incredibly useful when dealing with processes that span across a number of different platforms.

AFTIA's Yashar Avram uses one of the many templates featuring Adobe Sign connectors to prepare a document within a SharePoint folder and send it for signature. Power Automate is able to complete this task in a matter of seconds, greatly improving upon the time it would take a human to complete these tasks. After the document has been signed, a second automate is used to store it in a specified SharePoint folder.

Power Automate brings together Adobe Sign with other applications to build powerful workflows that can complete tasks in seconds.


In this video, Yashar Avram uses a Power Automate template to efficiently collect an electronic signature.

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