E-Signature adoption is on the rise. Is this really a surprise? 

E-Signature adoption is on the rise due to demographics, but the pandemic is pushing it over the top.


The recent global crisis has accelerated something that has been building for years.

For several years now organizations have been learning that they can not only reduce costs with eSign but they can speed processing times and actually improve the customer experience. Even before the recent crisis, eSign adoption was increasing rapidly. Why - It is mostly due to habits. Baby boomers have literally owned the contract process for many years. They sign with a pen. It never mattered that it wasn’t really that secure or that true audit trails did not exist. It was how they did it. It was a habit.  

Today we see the millennial and echo generations beginning to be the real contract dealers. They buy more houses and cars, more insurance, and they do more business than ever. What they don’t do is sign with a pen.  

We can say that the pandemic is driving the frenzy toward digital process and electronic signature but the reality is it is only a catalyst for what has already been happening. A true eSign process with digital workflow is literally the fastest path to value and improved customer experience. Suddenly it is becoming the path to survival.  

Good news

Doing it right isn’t hard and can start with just a few key processes. 

With the right help it can happen very quickly. 

It pays for itself almost immediately. 

It improves customer experience.

It can open up whole new lines of business.

Oh and it could not only save your business - It could solidify it for years to come.

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Richard McIlroy
Chief Executive Officer, Privacy Officer
Richard has been passionate about enterprise solutions for over a decade and brings that passion to his role of CEO and strategic partnership efforts.

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