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Capture, Process, Sign - Dynamic Digital Processes

See how Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms and Adobe Sign can come together to offer dynamic eSignature workflows.
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Guillaume Clement, Dir. Solution Delivery

Why is the move to digital experiences so difficult?

Digitizing processes can be very difficult. Tools have for a long time helped us gain efficiencies and in many cases, those tools have shaped our procedures. Instead of simply being used to accelerate our efforts, they sometimes become part of the process itself. This is true of paper-based processes. 

Forms and documents are not only part of the process; they are the process. For this reason, they can be difficult to digitize.

“[...] we came to realize that forms often are workflows. If that’s the case, why are we still fighting with digital solutions to separate forms from workflows?”

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Join us for an Capture, Process, Sign Demo

A one-hour overview of Capture, Process, Sign, and automating your current business processes. This session will introduce you to the business value this solution provides:

  • Reduces cost in form and document generation & migration;
  • Reduces forms processing cycle times;
  • Enhances experiences with seamless data capture, processing, and electronic signatures;
  • Mobile optimized forms that can scale to any device.

By the end of the session, you will be familiar with delivering great user experience, automating your business processes through dynamic workflow capabilities, and preparing and sending various types of documents for electronic signatures.

Part 1 - Data Capture: Beginning the Process

Form and document layer that connects with your back end systems to push and pull data and present users with the proper form or document adapted to their device.

Part 2 - Process & Workflows: Automation & Processing

Powerful workflow tools that will streamline your customer-facing and internal processes with a single interface for building, deploying, and managing your forms and workflows.

Part 3 - Sign

eSignatures complete end-to-end digital processes and allow organizations to go completely paperless.

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