Introducing AFTIA Assignr

By using Adobe Sign and Adobe Experience Manager Forms together to integrate eSignature and workflow processes, we have created AFTIA Assignr. Our solution accelerator allows workflow processes to dynamically generate signing parties that can then approve and sign documents using Adobe Sign.


Digital Processes

Digitizing processes can be very difficult. Tools have for a long time helped us gain efficiencies and in many cases, those tools have shaped our procedures. Instead of simply being used to accelerate our efforts, they sometimes become part of the process itself. This is true of paper-based processes. 

Forms and documents are not only part of the process; they are the process. For this reason, they can be difficult to digitize.

Forms & Workflows

In the digital space, we often hear of countless forms and workflow solutions. AFTIA has implemented hundreds of forms and workflow solutions, so much so, that we came to realize that forms often are workflows. If that’s the case, why are we still fighting with digital solutions to separate forms from workflows?

With AFTIA Assignr, we’ve created a framework that allows forms to act as their own workflows. Through a dynamic set of functionality, we’ve allowed forms to define their own approval flows and to dynamically update this flow in real-time based on the data entered within the form itself. By self-assigning to users and groups, forms can then be used to collect data and simultaneously be reviewed and approved. 

Electronic Signatures

Once the data collection and approval process is completed, AFTIA Assignr compiles the list of individuals and roles that participated in the process and for which final signatures are required. By dynamically generating signing parties, AFTIA Assignr then uses integrations with Adobe Sign to collect final signatures.

With signatures collected, the system can then prepare and store final artifacts and trigger any downstream actions. By using the out-of-the-box integration capabilities of AEM Forms, solutions can be molded to a client’s requirements and integrate with almost any system.

AFTIA Assignr

With AFTIA’s core focus being Capture, Process, and Sign, there is no question that we see our fair share of workflow and electronic signature solutions. Being a trusted Adobe Partner also means that we often use Adobe products to make these solutions possible. AFTIA Assignr was born from the idea of using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Forms to handle complex review and approval workflows requiring data capture and Adobe Sign to handle electronic signatures in a controlled and compliant context. 

By using the adaptive forms and workflow functionality available with AEM Forms, and combining it with the electronic signature capabilities of Adobe Sign, AFTIA has created a framework that can dynamically route stateful forms through AEM workflows and generate signing parties that can then electronically sign documents using Adobe Sign. 

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