Send, Sign and Manage Signature Processes with Sign

AFTIA leverages Acrobat Sign to complete end-to-end digital processes, allowing organizations to go completely paperless. Acrobat Sign provides a simple signing experience for customers and employees on any device.


Acrobat Sign Expertise

With unparalleled experience working with Acrobat Sign, AFTIA has a proven track record of successful implementations.

Powerful Integrations

Integrate Acrobat Sign with your own systems with the help of the AFTIA team to unlock its full potential.

Legal Compliance

Let AFTIA help you navigate your compliance needs and the configuration and validation of your implementation.
Acrobat Sign Dashboard
Acrobat Sign


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Pre-fill an Adobe Acrobat Sign webform with data from a client's data source

Create secure, reliable and efficient signature workflows with prefilled forms using Adobe Acrobat Sign – the perfect solution your businesses!
Information Technology

Adobe LiveCycle and Acrobat Sign Integration

Unlock faster, cheaper document signings with Adobe Acrobat Sign & Adobe LiveCycle
Information Technology

Adobe Acrobat Sign Payment Integration

Elevate your business with Adobe Acrobat Sign: get secure, online payments with real-time data protection and operational savings.