Adobe Acrobat Sign Payment Integration

Implementing a PCI-compliant solution to collect payments in Adobe Acrobat Sign is essential for expanding your business capabilities and staying ahead of the competition. This solution allows you to securely collect payments when sending out electronic signature agreements, meaning you can now accept payments online without storing any customer data.

Not only does this mean your business is operating in an agile, secure way, but you can also benefit from the time and operational savings that come with reduced manual processes. All in all, Adobe Acrobat Sign is the perfect solution for modern businesses.

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Adobe Acrobat Sign Payment Integration

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Why use AFTIA for Adobe Acrobat Sign Payment Integration?


average time-saving was achieved by organizations that integrated payment collection directly into their forms.

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AFTIA: Fast, reliable & secure payment integration.

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Acrobat Sign

AFTIA leverages Acrobat Sign to complete end-to-end digital processes, allowing organizations to go completely paperless. Acrobat Sign provides a simple signing experience for customers and employees on any device.


Braintree is a full-stack payment platform that allows businesses to accept and process payments securely and seamlessly. With its robust features and developer-friendly tools, Braintree enables organizations to create a frictionless payment experience for their customers.

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