Solution: Document Intelligence

Content Comparison and Reuse

Reusing content across the forms, documents, publications, and disclosures your organization publishes saves time, and money and provides consistency and a better experience.  However, discovering reusable content amongst thousands of documents is a massive challenge.

Documents in virtually any source format can be compared with each other to identify reusable content, and rationalize duplicate or near duplicate material.  Search your documents to identify content that needs updating due to product/program, branding, or regulatory changes. Aftia’s InFormer service will help you take control of your forms and document content library.

Powered by:
Adobe Document Cloud
Microsoft Word
Informer Analysis Engine

Solution Flow

AFTIA’s experts will adapt and build the solution to your organization’s specific needs and systems of record.  Your team will receive training on the solution and a runbook to guide operation and maintenance.

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Document Intelligence

Searchable Scanned Documents

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