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Forms and documents are essential tools for large organizations to interact with their customers, employees, partners, and constituents. Their use is critical in ensuring consistency and accuracy in data collection and information dissemination. However, as the number of forms and documents increase an organization has to manage, so does the complexity. 

This highlights the need for streamlining, simplifying, and automating the design, management, deployment, and tracking of forms and documents to improve efficiency. AFTIA’s AI-based InFormer tool helps to identify common content which can be turned into reusable fragments, finds redundancies in your form and document collection, and locates relevant keywords and phrases when making large-scale regulatory or product branding changes. AFTIA can also provide guidance on best practices for form and document creation and maintenance. Helping you to reduce costs, improve the customer experience, and make your organization more agile.

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AEM Forms Content Governance

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Why trust AFTIA with your content governance strategy?


of organizations can gain efficiencies via a reduction of the size of their form and document collections by leveraging common content and eliminating redundancies.

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AFTIA has helped some of North America's largest companies gain control of their forms and documents content.

As the foremost experts in Form & Document Solutions, there is no one better to implement your digital solutions.

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Create, manage, publish, and update complex digital forms with back-end processes, business rules, and data.


InFormer is a governance tool that allows the optimization and rationalization of your content

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